Upgrade Your Office, School Or Shopping Centre To LED For Free In Poland With EVE®

Warsaw 20 January 2014

LED Strip

Since 2014, AC LED’s became tried and tested. AC LED’s production cost are far less than DC LED’s because an AC/DC converter is no longer required. Offices, schools, shopping centres and others can halve their energy bills with plug and play InsertLED® lamps. From 2014 EVE® clients can upgrade to LED lighting at no cost. EVE® are ready and willing to finance LED upgrade for a share of energy savings.

EVE® Stage THREE Clients Can Upgrade To LED With No Cost

LED is much more expensive in Capital Cost than traditional lighting installations, however longterm LED lighting save energy and have a much longer life cycle. Non LED lighting units are generally far lower cost but the advent of AC lighting means InsertLED® is far more competitive and simply by changing the light bulb.

Capital Cost of LED takes time to repay and with many manufactures in the world flooding the market with defective products risk averse real estate owners and operators have been reluctant to change to LED so far. EVE® team can now deliver new, convenient, local European innovation at much lower cost

“Here in Poland we rarely get to benefit from innovation early and cheap low quality products are so far to blame for low take up of LED”.

At EVE® stage THREE we can finance the change from existing lighting technology to all low energy LED with zero cost to the building owner. EVE® team will create a lighting inventory quickly and painlessly replacing all of your lighting with retrofit InsertLED®’s in your existing fittings, providing instant energy savings day one. EVE® will simply do the work and pick up the tab.

Fully Upgraded Lighting With No Risk And No Money Changing Hands

EVE® team simply use their share of energy savings to repay the Capital Cost of your InsertLED® lighting. EVE® stage THREE energy saving devices create significant cost savings meaning that the repayment of the Capital Cost for LED is repaid in the shortest possible time and almost always within 12-48 months. Combining EVE® stage ONE to THREE can save up to 50% energy and by becoming a full SOLIDEA Group SEE-Green® client could mean many other cost savings without any upfront costs. EVE® team can make their expert services available in exchange for energy savings even free for SEE-Green® clients.

During EVE® stage THREE we finance the InsertLED® upgrade it means EVE® take all the risks for warranty and replacement of any defective LED lighting, EVE® stage THREE can extend the payback period so that the building owner can benefit from lower energy costs on day one and because less of the savings are needed to pay back the Capital Cost of InsertLED® we can even provide a rebate. EVE® stage THREE can extend the building owner operator peace of mind over product failure for many years and by lowering operational costs day one.

InsertLED® Lighting is Value Added Lighting

LED industry creates better quality lighting producing safer environments for employees, as building surveyors we are constantly amazed to find building users working in lighting conditions such as unprotected conventional strip or tube lamps. LED provides a far superior safer form of lighting than traditional lamps where the risk of sunburned eyes and future cataracts are avoided because the lamps do not pose physical threat to building users.

LED lighting means less heat emission and especially in summer LED lighting has far less cooling load in HVAC and mechanical air handling systems, these savings are most significant in the retail and office environment where the use of LED by building operators will reduce tenants cost and reducing risk of confrontation over rising energy bills. For schools, hospitals and authorities lower heating loads makes for a more comfortable environment these welcome savings make significant impact on Education, Health and Administration budgets releasing cash which can be used for far better things

“15 of the top 50 retailers in Poland tell us they will upgrade their flagship stores to LED between 2014 and 2015, many companies like IKEA will have upgraded all of their stores, offices and other properties. Will you wait for others to lead or are you as at least motivated to value as you claim to be?”

Heat and evacuation of heat presents the greatest challenges for the majority of commercial building operators not cold. In a recent experiment EVE® team recorded 24% of energy consumption in one shopping centre on a quiet working day in summer in 2013 being accountable to lighting, if this is a standard, greater savings can be had for some operators in reducing heat overall in the retail environment than is consumed for lighting in non tenanted space.

“LED presents terrific possibilities in indirect costs savings and adding real yield value to your real estate portfolio, combined EVE® stage ONE to THREE demonstrate that 50% savings in energy for many real estate operators is no longer asset managers dream”   

During quiet spells in large retail and shopping environments it is almost exclusively the lighting that provides the work for the mechanical air handling systems, there are terrific indirect savings to be had from upgrading to lighting.

LED unlike traditional lighting is instant and can be dimmed, it means that lighting control systems can be better introduced with LED, EVE® team work with skilled lighting designers who can design the integration of lighting control into buildings, infrastructure and transport systems the system goes into a quiet mode even turn off when no one is present.

LED puts building operators, building owners even building users in control the amount of energy consumed by LED lighting can reflect the use of our any facility saving energy when energy saving is most needed. EVE® team works with the best and most reliable suppliers on the market well known firms like Philips and Osram.

LED Lighting Is The Loudest Message For Your Corporate Social Responsibility

LED lit environment is a most noticeable change from traditional lighting besides using far less energy LED is a whole step up from traditional technology, colours are sharper, LED provides none of the light pollution that traditional lighting methods are burdened with.

LED creates environments both inside and outside that building users recognize, it creates a feeling of well being that no other traditional light sources can match. LED can be used to provide mood as well a “light freshener” for the way your facility is presented and used.

“Increasing bottom line profits as transformer, stepping down electricity whilst refusing to cut down on energy costs was all well and good whilst retailers didn’t mind paying and whilst centre owners were not responsible. 2014 already saw a change in values which created a turning point in letting history one that tenants wont regret and owners won’t forget”.

Saving energy by better building condition, through improved management and control and with energy saving devices installed is sustainable business. 2020 means 20% energy savings but 2030 already means 80% energy savings now is the time to address these issues with firm road plans and achieved targets.

EVE® Is Here And Now

During 2013 we helped some of Poland’s and Central Eastern Europes largest real estate owners save money with savings as high as 50 kW/m2/year on buildings of 50,000m2 and more. These results means the EVE® team saved its clients in the region of 250,000 Euro a year this success can be quantified simply adding more than 4 million Euro to the owners bottom line on one facility and already at EVE® stage ONE.

As EVE® services provide close out of warranty or technical due diligence during acquisition EVE® clients are always certain of good returns from the lowest initial outlay. In 2014 EVE® team are active in more acquisitions on more projects than ever before providing the highest possible standards at the lowest possible cost. Leading retail, hotel and office owners are adopting EVE® way of working by managing Energy Benchmarking, from Energy Influences to the source of a Rogue Energy Measurements, nailing building defects through performance and Energy Value Engineering.

From January 23, 2014 EVE® stage ONE to THREE services including facade and full building technical due diligence is available to all SOLIDEA Group SEE-Green® Energy Clients in Poland free of charge. For standard charges for Facade Stage ONE and for standard charges for full building technical due diligence with a technical description of EVE® please see our “All About EVE® page”