SOLIDEA Group Sp z.o.o  14th March 2013 Warsaw

SOLIDEA Group announces the next phase of development of the PowerCan® 200 its development plan and its team members for the commercial roll-out of the PowerCan® 200 worldwide

A two stage Research and Development program for turning an existing 200kWe containerized gassification system into a multi-feedstock movable containerized gassification system for a wide range of commercial applications where building, estate and infrastructure owners and their operators will convert their own waste into electrical energy, heat and or fuel at source.

The PowerCan® 200 will be developed for many roles including making SOLIDEA’s existing EVE® clients Commercial and Retail Centre Waste into electricity and heat on site. “This is a fantastic opportunity to turn our existing and new clients waste away from landfill and into energy. Our clients cash in on waste dramatically reducing their CO2 footprint generating huge savings in electricity, heat and waste”

We have assembled a great PowerCan® 200 team around the world as well as at home in Europe

Dr.Janusz Przoerek

President SOLIDEA Group sp z.o.o



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