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SOLIDEA Group are currently developing the “Book of Benchmarks” on line resource for the Polish, Czech and Slovak retail industry – more details soon


PowerCan® 200

In August 2013 SOLIDEA sp zo.o. Poland qualified for GEKON award for innovation research and development of PowerCan®200 for mass production. PowerCan® Research and Development Phase One Studies will commence in January 2014

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EVE® [Energy Value Engineering]

Throughout Europe we loose 50% and more of our City and Town water supplies this reduces the quality of City water and places a considerable financial cost burden on its population, using state of the art thermal imaging equipment we are mapping and prioritizing water leakage……

EVE® team are developing FLIR TAU EVE® Drones for surveying installations and infrastructure from unmanned aircraft, the project also focuses on new 3D modelling software for FLIR thermographic equipment – details will be posted soon