CHP and the Cruise Ships of the Caribbean

Basseterre 18 April, 2012

The problem with Small Island Nations [SIN’s] everywhere is energy, as Diesel for electrical generators already passed the US 0.40c/kWh mark [and a lot more if you live on a remote island] many of the worlds thousands of tourists SIN’s are looking at combined renewable energy solutions to replace now outdated and soon redundant black energy solutions.

CHP and Solar combined is already the most popular renewable solution in the Eastern Caribbean with over 50MW of small scale utility planned, the availability of feedstock sees a competitive market for cruise ship waste says Dr. Janusz Przeorek President of SOLIDEA Group and the PowerCan® 200 CHP team. The campaign for cruise ships not to leave their garbage behind is now truly reversed at least in the Caribbean

Grid parity is a dated term in the Caribbean practically all mainstream forms of renewable energy are lower cost than grid solutions, for many grid also means unreliable as sustainable alternatives to Diesel such as Bio fuels have not emerged energy demand now overshadows supply. Solar and CHP together will deliver the energy solutions of the future and unlike grid solutions it will always be available even to the remotest of islands.

Hurricanes mean wind solutions are impractical, the cost for wind full life cycle no longer competes with Solar and CHP which of course are both Hurricane proof. Solar works practically all day every day whilst CHP ticks over in reserve during the day and at night time PowerCan® 200 CHP provides all the energy requirements making waste extinct as it goes as most islands export their MSW huge cost savings are available using PowerCan® 200.

PowerCan® 200 is simply a plug and play containerized system “it takes as long to install as it takes to ship the container” says SOLIDEA Groups Steve Walker “no chimney, no smoke, no steam, no noise the containers can even be immersed in the sand if so required CHP is “the least obtrusive of  renewable energy.

CHP needs feedstocks and there is only so much waste readily available on a power hungry desert island even for the highly efficint PowerCan® 200. Cruise ships produce a lot of wasted food, garbage and even human waste all of which is ideal feedstock for PowerCan® 200 CHP. Turning waste into energy locally balances all kinds of CO2 accounts, saving money and making our world and especially SIN’s into healthier better places to live

SOLIDEA Solar and CHP integrated system solutions, with PowerCan® 200 CHP are capable of creating new micro grids of manageable local utility size requirements. Solar and CHP combined Installations are already available to Islands and small nations or SINners’ worldwide.