All About EVE®

EVE® is an acronym for “Energy Value Engineering”

The FOUR stages of EVE®  services are







EVE® Stage ONE – Technical Condition Survey, Technical Due Diligence and Reporting on all building fabric and condition

“First get your house in order”

EVE®  Stage TWO – Metering and Monitoring

“If its not properly metered or monitored its not properly managed”

EVE® Stage THREE –  Energy Saving Devices

“The least complicated and simplest of devices save the most energy”

EVE®  Stage FOUR – Offset Energy

“After saving what you can offset the rest”

SOLIDEA Group EVE® is a four part program for energy conservation and in favor of reducing green house gas impact and particularly CO₂. Reducing energy reduces cost, we mitigate much energy cost risk, we increases asset value by lowering consumption. EVE® is a critical part of business, organization, utility and society.

EVE® was designed to assist asset owners, stakeholder and their managers better understand the condition, control, savings and offset practices and resources which are available to them.

EVE®  was created to help SME’s [Small and Medium Enterprises] to reduce the cost of their energy and mitigate the impact of energy risk be it any business or public organization.

EVE® is developing this website to help business and public administration and to keep our clients as well as those interested in self help informed.

Anyone can join in EVE®, our clients include many famous brands, hospitals, authorities, utilities, public transport and industry, we have even prepared EVE® reviews for whole nations but you can “think EVE®” even at home.

SOLIDEA Group promote self help and we are publishing as much data for free as possible we offer discounts on our products as “After Meter Services” in Central Europe because we want to promote EVE® activities and studies across a broad spectrum of everyday life and involve everyone in reducing CO₂ and mitigating climate change.

There are Four Stages of EVE® which you can join and leave at any time

1. Review of building or facility – “Getting your house in order”

EVE® Stage ONE changed the way the real estate industry performs Technical Due Diligence. For funds and institutions or their lenders purchasing shopping center or office complex EVE® Stage ONE gives you the same full Technical Due Diligence you would receive from any top international surveying practice but far more informative.

EVE® takes technical due diligence a stage further not only reporting defects but identifying how it impacts an asset in terms of energy waste. At EVE® stage ONE our clients receive a benchmark measured in kWh/m2/year performance with a pier recommendations which will set their energy efficiency road map to 2020.

EVE® clients worldwide choose EVE® stage ONE over traditional surveying reporting for due diligence during building purchase, for handover of warranty, for hand over of defects rectification and at the end of the defects period. Energy efficiency has become critical to all asset management and even at EVE® stage ONE our benchmarking puts our clients in control.

EVE® takes technical due diligence to the next level, we use the latest FLIR thermographic cameras and drones and many other sophisticated testing equipment to ensure your working environment is safe and energy efficient.

“We have been able to reduce energy benchmarks 20%-30% through correction of building defects and operation, even simple misunderstanding of air-tightness and solar shading without major works can produce huge savings” 

2. Energy Management and Monitoring

Energy cost is significant and fluctuations in energy cost and keeping up with energy benchmarks puts all business at risk. If energy is not properly monitored it cannot be managed EVE® stage TWO is all about energy management. Energy management is not just about connectivity and smart metering its about energy awareness and targets.

“At SOLIDEA Group we manage roll-out monitoring for retailers identifying energy wastage and ill managed centers through non-invasive monitoring and auditing of KPI’s such as kWh/m2/year”.

“Focusing on our clients worst performing centres and being proactive we are able negotiate better conditions for our clients, find solutions quickly for centre owners and benefit the environment”. 

3. Energy Saving Devices

SOLIDEA Group is constantly reviewing energy saving devices and especially their credibility, many facilities, centres and utilities are upgrading to reduce energy costs by implementing changes we assist our clients with understanding the real savings, working with others to find the right cost effective choice and mitigating risks.

“Many of our shopping centres managers in Europe will undergo terrific changes as HID and other lamps are replaced with LED, how will community cost be handled by the centre owners? What is the impact of LED on reducing cooling loads and how can retailers benefit from critical community decisions through best practice and without conflict”

“In managing the replacement of street lighting authorities can make critical saving and they can also make critical mistakes, SOLIDEA Group identify the full life cycle costs of utility replacement and innovative offset programs to better involve Public Private Partnership” 

“Many building insulation projects which have been carried out in buildings with insufficient ventilation put the occupants at severe risk often raising the background of RADON to unacceptable levels, polystyrene insulation installed in some facilities put occupants at unusual risk – its best to test first than weigh the risks later”  

4. Offset Energy

After saving what you can Stage FOUR looks to offset what is left. Alternative energy devices and systems are a specialist field. Gasification and CHP, Solar Power and Water, Wind and Geothermal Heating.

“Most commercial office and shopping centres consume three to five times or more electricity than heat and as heating is fractional cost against cooling. Many projects which aim for expensive Geothermal installations aim too low from the start”

“Business and enterprise with lowest pier benchmarks are better places to work, they are a benefit to our environment and will be most sustainable in the long run, in the goal for Zero Net Energy in the commercial world the game is on”






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