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The EVE® Before Poland’s White Certificates

Warsaw 26th March 2013


The Polish government again endorsed its intention today to introduce White Certificates  before the end of 2013. “This is a real chance for owners and operators to get their house in order to make measured energy saving, reduce CO₂ and make a significant amount of money” Says Steve Walker head of SOLIDEA Groups Advisory Service EVE®. “EVE® established clients already represent more than 10% of retail centre space in Poland all of whom are keen to reduce overheads to their retail tenants. EVE® client base is not only expanding rapidly in Retail, the Office, Hotels and Industrial sector is also looking for savings”

The introduction and proper administration of White Certification by the commercial, industrial, public and transport sectors will have as significant impact on bottom line profitability as it will on the environment and reducing CO₂. It also allows the Polish grid to raise commercial energy prices and tax those companies who waste energy; it is a great step forward for Poland.

Nothing surprising then that there is far less potential economic impact saving energy on existing buildings right now in Poland rather than installing energy producing devices. As EVE® demonstrates more energy can be saved and far less CO₂ will be produced as this approach is far less costly it will be far more popular with the majority of energy users. White Certification will require businesses to get their house in order so energy prices can rise according to market needs. Continue reading