Tipping Floor, Landfill Killing Floor

Unsorted MSW on a Polish Landfill SiteWarsaw June 11, 2012

PowerCan® 200 and similar small gasification systems are making landfill practice history across Central and South Europe even in West Africa; “landfill is no longer part of modern waste management”. Says SOLIDEA’s Steve Walker “With PowerCan® 200, the waste is recycled or made extinct at the sorting station” “MSW never goes beyond the tipping floor and at the existing landfill its the perfect solution to clean up Central Europe and West Africa”.

SOLIDEA Group are working with district planners worldwide who clearly prefer smaller sorting stations; with a PowerCan® 200 inline with the tipping floor; large scale ambitious new projects are dinosaurs they simply no longer make sense.

“Renewable WtE can be installed and operational on site in just a few hours” Says SOLIDEA’s Steve Walker “there is no competition when we make a comparison, small scale can be installed and pay back faster than most large projects can get off the drawing board”.”Operational costs are infinitely lower because of the cost reductions in the supply chain and because far less infrastructure is required”

PowerCan® 200 is not only installed faster and cost less, it also makes a better job than traditional WtE, pure clean ash becomes fertilizer and the CO2 emissions are zero. “Poor countries are fastest to adopt PowerCan® 200 says SOLIDEA’s Dr. Janusz Prezeorek “because it can be deployed on historic landfill, it is used to clean up even after many generations of MSW”.

SOLIDEA Group Advisory have a policy for recommending the baling of landfill into inventory; this process literally creates a Garbage Bank from a landfill site. A feedstock inventory can be better measured against a PPA [Power Purchase Agreement] from the local power distributor. In some cases MSW landfill wealth is sufficient to develop and install equipment for the local authorities even with no up front payments

SOLIDEA Group PowerCan® 200 is built into movable shipping containers, it is possible to start with one and increase the energy output by adding more. “Being movable we can deploy one or more at the landfill and one at the tipping floor, when the work is done at the landfill the plant is simply shipped elsewhere” Says Janusz “PowerCan® 200 can manage all kinds of feedstocks, in the park, or in the forest they can be relocated and re-installed plug-and play all in the same day”

As a consultant SOLIDEA Group Advisory are working with local authorities not only cutting costs and making the system accessible but also showing how it is possible to integrate PowerCan® 200 technology into environmental and other policy. Cleaning up landfill is critical to protecting ground waters and preventing methane [which has 20 times more impact on the environment and global warming than CO2].

PowerCan® 200 produces heat, and offering green energy and low cost or free heat attracts new business and industry creating jobs. Feedstock process provides all kinds of employment opportunities not only in processing MSW but also in growing biomass as cash crops and better processing normal agricultural waste as energy and income producing.

As a developer SOLIDEA Group are promoting PowerCan® 200 where its needed most, SOLIDEA Group are ready and willing to take an equity share in deserving cases and where commitment to the environment is obvious. “We have several financial instruments available to us to achieve this because PowerCan® 200 can demonstrate a very good and sustainable business model” says Janusz. “there are 1.6 billion people worldwide without electricity yet they all create waste or practically have access to biomass”

In Africa and elsewhere in Public Private Partnership SOLIDEA Group are willing to deploy a growing energy business for as little as 400,000 Euro. SOLIDEA’s financial consultants are working with local authorities to show how PowerCan® 200 works under SPV partnership.

SOLIDEA Group makes a better environment, creates better industry and turns a positive cash flow within a few months. “We have clearly demonstrated how even the poorest of districts in Central Europe and Africa can quit landfill as our partner in renewable energy” says Steve Walker “All it takes is some commitment on behalf of the local authority and we will find a way to turn the biggest problem into income”