SOLIDEA’s EVE® and the Book of Building Benchmark’s 2013 Retail Shopping Centres

WestmallRetail Shopping Centre Owners firmly focus on their REP benchmarks as Retailers continue to tighten their belts in 2013.

During 2013 Retail Energy Performance [REP] will be as critical to the Retail Centre Manager as it is to the Retailer. SOLIDEA collates REP data through its EVE® program


SOLIDEA Book of Building Benchmarks 2013 lists an energy efficient Retail Centre consuming less than 200kWh/m2/year with a sustainable “Energy Road Map” that demonstrates to reduce the net energy consumption by 20% to year 2020.

SOLIDEA Book of Building Benchmarks 2013 lists a top of class Retail Centre as one which can demonstrate sustainable energy consumption of under 180kWh/m2/year and with an “Energy Road Map” that demonstrates to reduce the net energy consumption by 20% to year 2020.

SOLIDEA Book of Building Benchmarks 2013 states that a top of class Retail Centre design for 2013 may already outperform 170kWh/m2/year and with a “Energy Road Map” to reduce energy consumption by 20% to year 2020.

“Having a performance packed competitive Energy Road Map is key to securing both long term tenants and exceptional yields” says SOLIDEA’s Steve Walker “all SOLIDEA Group benchmarks are readily achievable without compromise to services, security or safety simply working through EVE® stage 1-4″.

EVE® clients are Retail Centres and Retailer Tenants the EVE® program serves the retail industry from design through its full life cycle. EVE® is commissioned for design, handover, end of defects period, handing over warranty and even at redundancy. “Just as the practice of designing to cost superseded costing design in the last decade, designing to cost and energy performance benchmarks will prevail in the next decade” says Steve Walker.

Energy auditing is still voluntary in much of the European Union many “International Brands” however, audit and better their energy, water and waste annually as “Best Practice”.  Compulsory auditing is inevitable in the European Union in future and long before 2020 “Best Practice” promotes bettering energy, water and waste use now in preparation of 2020.

Energy auditing is as simple a process to manage as any other form of accounting, however through discipline it saves money, reduces risk and adds value.

“Benchmark results based on structured Energy Plans illustrate just how EVE® motivated the retail business is ” says SOLIDEA’s President Dr. Janusz Przeorek “without question EVE® clients like Owners want to achieve better yields, Operators want to offer better rent deals and Asset Managers need demonstrate their effectiveness. The industry is more structured towards building a value added environment than ever before.

A good “Energy Road Map” works in favor of the Retail Centre Manager and the Retailer Tenant where both can address extra energy overhead costs reducing costs and mitigating future energy risks. The success of any energy plan requires both Retail Centre Manager and Retailer to give and take on a goal orientated partnership with a common aim to better existing REP benchmarks

Retailer tenants require transparent overhead structures where Retail Centre operators are required to be competitive, often calling for independent energy audit’s and building condition surveys before agreeing or renewing lengthy lease agreements.

With 2020 in sight future tenants demonstrate a “sweet spot” for Retail Centres with an “Energy Road Map” and where the operator can readily report and quantify progress on each stage of their ongoing and progressive”Energy Plan”

SOLIDEA devised its EVE® program to assist a wide client base of retail centre owners, centre operators and asset managers. EVE® is a four stage “Energy Road Map” with each stage of EVE® is a program of benchmark goal orientated “Energy Plans”