Poland’s energy market regulator (URE) capped increases at below 6% for 2012

Poland’s energy market regulator (URE) capped prices for 2012 under 6% despite calls from energy producers for up to 10% increases. A delay in price increases now will make things worse later experts warn, increased costs and Poland’s decaying infrastructure can only be put off for so long. 

Sharp energy price increases in 2013 are inevitable as Economy Minister Maciej Kaliski announced that inevitably Poland would have to liberalize its energy prices in the next 12 months.

Energy policy has received a lot of criticism recently, the draft green tariff policy was again delayed again until 2013 and was described as “Shocking Incompetence” at recent renewable energy seminar. Given that Poland is labelled no. 1 environmental polluter in Europe; the government is again accused of being “indifferent” to world climate change and on European policies on the environment both at home and abroad.